The Digital YearBook (TDY) conceived in June 2017, but only set up in February 2018 in Kampala, Uganda by the team from Eclipse Marketing and Events with the vision of being a posterity investment vehicle. Current operations focus mainly on organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi.

The Digital YearBook team provides professional consultancy and photo/video production services which enables efficient capture of video and photo content which is then delivered to our member clients while soft copy backups are stored in secure multiple secondary and tertiary locations.

DYB provides numerous services and products to its members depending on your need. Schools, universities and academic organizations may require archives of teaching staff, management board, support staff, students, prefects, sports teams, and clubs that are dynamic groups of individuals which change on an annual basis…

We also have a retrospective platform designed for alumni who may have studied in an institution a number of years prior. Whether a decade or whether a century from now the impact of your contribution to your institution or organization, no matter or big or small will be noted.


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