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School Mission: To produce all round students who are versatile, skilled and can fit in any society wherever they go.

College Motto: “For Sustainable Education”

Vision: To be the leading education service provider in Uganda and beyond whose products have a balanced Holistic approach , positive attitude towards work, creative and proactive.

Trinity Senior Secondary is a Christian founded school that opened its doors to the community in Bwebajja, on Entebbe Road. It’s was founded with the dream to see not only see to the education of a student but also, to their spiritual and character growth. We as a school aim to have our students flourish in any given society in Uganda and the world. Trinity Senior Academy is known for its high academic standards with progressive academic results over the years with well rounded students groomed to have high standards of behavior and excellence

Trinity Senior Academy, both day and boarding is located in Bwebajja, along Entebbe Road. The school was set up in a bid to consolidate the establishment of a reliable and consistent education structure from the Primary section.

  1. Scripture Union
  2. Debate Club
  3. Writers Club
  4. Mathematics Club
  5. Geography Club / Wildlife Club
  6. Nkobazambogo
  7. Educate club
  8. Foot Ball
  9. Basketball Club
  10. Ruby club
  11. Interact Club
  12. French Club
  13. Quiz Club

School Objectives

  1. To identify, tap and develop students’ talents inside and outside class environment with focus on character formation.
  2. Character formation and personal development.
  3. Instill ethical and religious values.
  4. Instill respect for work and develop result oriented skills.
  5. Establish a reliable culture through education of and consistency.
  • Pouring water on a person on their birthdays
  • A boy with a cool watch dope shoes, nice hair cut, is on point and they pave way for him
  • House work every morning by every one in school apart from candidates
  • If one coughs loudly, people raise up their hands and sing a song. ‘ I Surrender all to Jesus ‘’
  • If an O’level member enters the A’level class or dormitory they are chased out to knock enter and sing the East African , Uganda Anthem and school anthem
  • Every Monday Assembly , there is praise and worship instead of anthems
  • Boys have to trim their hair before getting their reports on going day
  • If one wears un-ironed uniform , it means one was broken hearted or embarrassed
  • Senior ones’ first assembly in trinity they lead the Anthems and prayers
  • Posh Spenders - People with money that can sponser the whole class
  • Duff - Food
  • Exodus - Rolex (Ediles)
  • Preshing - Sleeping
  • Padding - Going
  • Typing - Eating food with fingers not a fork
  • Hogging - Eating
  • Formation - 1 Chapatti, 2 Samosas and 1 tomato sauce
  • Spotting - Looking
  • Bwart/Basher - Bright person
  • Wierdo - A person with an annoying character
  • Booty mama - A girl with a big bum
  • Fene/ Jack Fruit- Pimpls in the fac
  • Kabawo - Flat person
  • Mbogo - Wrong English
  • Slaying - Being noticed that you are smart
  • Wana Bee - Pretending to be cool /Forcing life
  • Porpcorn Head - Stupid person
  • Badass - Free Styler with trending fashion
  • Village Champions - Local, uncivilized people who force life
  • Hunks - Handsome boys
  • Tapping - Poking your nose , mouth or body in issues that are non of your business and don’t concern you
  • Fixation - Doing Childish acts
  • Bazzing - Chatting or talking to people
  • Y-Kee Benda Style - Cutting all the hair and remain with a BLOD HEAD
  • Earl Birds - Best time Managers
  • Dare Devils - (Silent burners)
  • Shadow Cabinet - People who oppose the current regime and failed to win the former election
  • Dairy / Clival - A girl with big breasts
  • Boobs - Breats
  • Kajubi fighter - Rough person
  • Rebounding – putting on a cloth every day as if it’s the only one you have
  • Kasonso - Sharp pointed shoes
  • Ziiki - music
  • Banging chills – Lousing and having fun
  • Loaded – Someone with a lot of money and grab
  • Brown Sugar - Someone who bleaches
  • Charking- Leaving / chilling a guy or babe
  • Vibing- conning a girl
  • Blasting- Embarrassing someone in public
  • Northern Bypass- Window without iron bars
  • Mitch- A boy with many girl friends in and outside school

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