Trinity Schools Pre-Primary

Trinity Schools Pre-Primary

Trinity Schools Pre-Primary

Trinity Schools Primary


School Mission: To produce all round students who are versatile, skilled and can fit in any society wherever they go.

College Motto: “For Sustainable Education”

Vision: To be the leading education service provider in Uganda and beyond whose products have a balanced Holistic approach , positive attitude towards work, creative and proactive.

Trinity is an early childhood education and care provider that provides industry leading programs that assis children to grow, learn and thrive.

Our service provides a nurturing, engaging and conducive environment for a child’s learning process, we have dedicated and experienced staff who are keen on seeing to the development of your child’s mind and character in a healthy and fun way.

We do believe that no child can excel when he or she cannot read and comprehend. Our teaching is more focused on ensuring that our pupils have a firm background of sounds. We use jolly phonics, syllabic as our major methods of handling reading.

  • We tell story lines
  • We do sound activities

Note: we emphasize pre reading and pre-writing activities. I.e. water play, sand play, buttoning/ unbuttoning, tearing papers, cutting with scissors, modelling, twisting, colouring etc.

As children master reading, then we begin on reading story books

We are known to inculcate functional values in our children through a number of activities but notably the Clubs:

Each pupil is attached to a club for a period of two years. These Clubs are: Red Cross, Soccer, Debate and writers’, Scouts, Home Management, Young Environmentalists and Farmers’ club, indoor games, Piano and Band club, M.D.D and Scripture union clubs.


Other activities are; badminton, Table Tennis, netball etc. 

School Objectives

  1. To identify, tap and develop students’ talents inside and outside class environment with focus on character formation.
  2. Character formation and personal development.
  3. Instill ethical and religious values.
  4. Instill respect for work and develop result oriented skills.
  5. Establish a reliable culture through education of and consistency.

What sells Our Pre-school?

Our pupils are groomed into confident individuals.

Serene Environment, smartly dressed pupils caring staff and reliable security.

Ongoing term activities like Sports days, conducive play area with a variety of play materials, assemblies, drama, storytelling, rhymes, swimming, very delicious and nutritious meals under the watch of experienced staff members versed with modern pedagogy methods.

Door to door transport: we have several buses that traverses a wide range of places around Bukoto, Ntinda, Kiira, Namugongo, Kisasi, Kyaliwajjara, Kinawataka, Nakawa with reliable drivers accompanied with helpers who help deliver children to and from school as parents go about with their business.

  • Nursery – Art club
  • Kindergarten – Young farmers
  • Pre Primary – Home Economics

Notable Old Students