Ntare School

School Gate


Motto: Better Your Best

Slogan: The Lion Roars

Mission: To produce God-fearing citizens who are ready to take up the challenges of leadership in a modern Uganda.

Vision: To produce honest, trustworthy, sympathetic, patriotic and respectful citizens.

Ntare School is located 1km by road, north of the central business district of Mbarara and approximately 267km west of Kampala city.

Situated on the convex slope of Ntare hill at an elevation of 1400metres (4600ft) above sea level, the school neighbors Kamukuzi, which is the seat of the capital of Ankole Kingdom.

Ntare school was founded in 1956, with Mr. William Crichton,a Scottish educationist, as the founding headmaster and deputized by Mr. Brian Remmer. The land on which the school stands was donated by the Late. Lazaro Kamugungunu, the then premier of Ankole Kingdom.

Within, the first five years of the school’s inception, it had leaped to becoming amongst the best schools in Uganda, basking in the company of Gayaza High school, King’s college budo, Namilyango college, St. Mary’s Kisubi notably.

Suffice to note is that the values of independence, discipline, academic excellence, athletics and a unique culture of tolerance irrespective of race, ethinicity or religion were vital in bringing Ntare school to the forefront of secondary school excellence in Uganda.

Mr. William Crichton held discipline as most vital in raising responsible young men, so much so that he is famously remembered for expelling a student that had stolen a pencil from another. Upon his retirement in 1971, his deputy Mr. Brian Remmer took over and was at the helm of the school administration up until 1977 when he handed over to the first African Headmaster, Mr. Jed Bangizi that held the office from 1977-1982.

Since then, the school has had a number of headmasters as detailed hereinafter starting with the founding leader up till the current holder of office :

  • William Crichton (1956-1971)
  • Brian Remmer (1971-1977)
  • Jed Bangizi (1977-1982)
  • Gumisiriza G.L (1982-1985)
  • H.H Mehangye (1985-1987)
  • Francis Kairagi (1987-1990)
  • Eric Kansiime (1990-1991)
  • Stephen Kamuhanda (1991-2003)
  • Humphrey Ahimbisibwe (2003-2012)
  • Jimmy Turyagyenda (2012-Present)
  • Producing leaders
  • The famous “come croser” story in a runyankore accent …..a boy at sosh told his date to move closer so he could hold her tight because he had paid his money.
  • The love story between Ntare school and Bweranyangi Girls school
  • Feud with Mbarara high school
  • The freedom that the students enjoy which is exclusive to Ntare school.

Ntare School has an unprecedented reputation of producing leaders that include but are not limited to Presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, which explains why the school is also referred to as the Presidents school.

More so, the school is also fondly known for its freedom granted to the students wherein they are granted the permission to freely move out of school every day from 5pm after class and are expected back by 7pm, a regulation they duly comply with.

School Celebrities / Icons

Kigere (2002-2007)

Ogejja (2003-2006)

Nkaragwa Allan (BABA) – 2003-2006

Ashabahebwa Arnold (black) 2006-2011

Mashaka – toilets

Redundo – last week of school after exams

Kabali – warning letter after indiscipline

Omusya – new comer (S.1 or S.5 from another school)

Omudeeti – candidate

Omusaabu – S.3 or S.5 student

Ek’iju – disco

Che’eyo – chairman of school council

Kajogo – drinking joint outside school

Morna – morning prep

Special – special meals on Wednesday , Sunday

Okuchopa – missing class or preps

Omudeemu – hot girl

Omushwekyi – a student that snitches on friends

Akabanda – pan cake

High class – restaurant in school for privileged/rich students

Akashani – entertainment

Notable Old Students


President of Uganda


President of Rwanda


Former prime minister


State Minister for Justice


Former minister of ICT


Uganda's First Deputy Prime Minister


Former Minister for Ethics & Integrity


Minister of Science Technology


minister for General Duties in the Office