Mount St Mary's College Namagunga

Mount St Mary's College Namagunga

Mount St Mary's College Namagunga

Mount St Mary's College Namagunga

Mount St Mary's College Namagunga

Mount St Mary's College Namagunga


School Motto: Per Scientam Ad Virtutem (Through Knowledge To Virtue)

Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga was founded in February 1942 by Mother Kevine of the Franciscan sisters for Africa

  • Interact club
  • Wildlife club
  • 3C – House of Hope Cancer club
  • YCS Association
  • SCItech
  • Debate club
  • Prefects Council
  • Cheerleaders
  • Lawn Tennis Club
  • Lacrosse team
  • Basketball team
  • Volleyball team
  • Drama club (cast folashade)
  • Platinum Participants
  • School Choir
  • Hockey team
  • Soccer team.

Namagunga is well known for her impeccable academic excellence exhibited by UNEB results released over the years, both at ‘O’ and ‘A’ LEVELS. The school has managed to maintain a high standard of academic performance by topping the schools in Uganda almost every other year at the national examination level.

Furthermore, Namagunga is reputed for the leadership skills imparted upon the girls, and this is clearly evident by the old girls she has produced that have gone on to hold positions of national and organizational leadership that include but are not limited to Dr. Specioza Kazibwe (former Vice President of Uganda) and Doris Akol (Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority).

In addition, discipline is key to the core values of Namagunga and this is exhibited in high levels by the students, staff and old girls alike in their various spheres of life and influence.

  • Namagunga girls don’t use propositions like ‘to, the’ e.g I’m going pits
  • There are Miss Independence Day celebrations, where senior five students make a play and the best dancer in senior one is granted the opportunity to not pay for social functions.
  • There used to be a ‘Halloween party’ which was for the induction of senior two students into the Interact club.
  • There used to be cocktails, but they ended in 2014, also known as the YCS handover.
  • The annual leavers’ parties are always looked forward to, and every other year tries hard to out compete the preceding years.
  • There are rare occasions where classes mix up, in otherwords senior one students do not move with senior four or senior five students
  • Also, senior six students move along paths alone as a sign of respect, and students in lower classes do not set foot on verandahs of higher classes.
  • There is a famous phrase used in Namagunga …..’If you rock my boat, I’ll capsize yours and also calling your gods as punishment.
  • Ministers are always right is the first rule, and if you think otherwise, refer to the first rule. The ministers are elected from Senior three and Senior five classes.
  • It is also culture during election campaigns in Namagunga for the aspiring candidates to be asked confidential questions and sometimes even made to dance.
  • It is common for birthday celebrants to have dirty water, milk gone bad and even toothpaste poured on them as part of the fun.
  • There is ‘brother interrogation’ done by the senior five and six students, usually to the senior ones, asking them if they have brothers, in which schools they are and what they do.
  • SOSH was an annual social dance with a boys only school of the senior six students choice. But this was eventually halted and the last students in Namagunga to have SOSH was the senior six class of 2013.
  • It was also usual for the pretty girls only to be the ones to go for external functions. This was termed as ‘elimination by beauty’ wherein the not so good looking girls would even pay the fee for attending the function but would not attend.
  • There were fines payable for failure to interact with boys from during social functions with other schools, failure to own a white handkerchief and even a fine for finishing up one’s food on a plate.
  • In the year 2017, wearing of white socks started as an obligation in school.
  • Students were permitted to wear pants and even have long hair but this died out when Sr. Cephas left the school.
  • There is an annual thanksgiving mass for the results of the past year for both UCE and UACE.
  • There is some bit of cold blood between classes bordering one another. For instance, between senior five and senior six students.
  • At meals time, senior fours are served first while senior three students get food from the counters. Senior two students are tasked with serving of the food and almost inevitably, senior one students are served last.
  • Pieces: Forks / Spoons
  • Redcans : Senior One Students
  • Sausas / Sages : Sausages
  • Potats : Thick Legs
  • Potats : Sweet Potatoes
  • Mugging : Carrying Luggage
  • Plah : State of Being Confused
  • Asht / Ashash : To Be Pleased or In Agreement
  • Estates : Senior Three Classes
  • Rentals : Students That Stay On Blocks That Aren’t Theirs
  • Mob : Many
  • Twab : Dense Student
  • Bwat : Smart Student
  • Kmore : Last night at school before going home
  • Sha : To Go
  • Pap : To Come
  • Typing : Eating with your hands
  • Serena hotel / Apartments : New block
  • Ghosting : To hide
  • Buses : Form 2 dorms
  • Black widow : Very dark-skinned girl
  • Maino : Main hall
  • Teen : Canteen
  • Lib : Library
  • Breako : Breakfast
  • Chapus : Chapatis
  • Tekis : Takeaways
  • Sero : Sr. Seraphine (Headmistresss)
  • Sue : Sr. Susan
  • Kaba : Ms. Kabasinguzi
  • Chela : Mr. Chelangat
  • Granpa : Mr. Mutiibwa
  • Ent : Entertainment
  • Great Trek : The road around the school
  • Zig / Click : To understand
  • Belav : Believe
  • Chall : To leave
  • Bako : Basketball
  • Sillies : Slippers
  • Pulling cuandos : Getting irritated for nothing or for a small reason.
  • Flop / Boh : A function that has backfired
  • Turnup : Successful function
  • Assuming Tightness : Someone claiming to be in a relationship in which they aren’t
  • Shooting / Living : Not wearing a bra
  • Tashing : Overdressing
  • Daso : Soda
  • Survivor : Not so good looking guy
  • Horse / Neigh : Not so good looking girl
  • Man : Description of a girl without hair at all
  • Zoo : St. Mary’s College Kisubi ( SMACK)
  • Decker Climbers : Secondary school going boys
  • Charger : Dark skinned fellow
  • Chopping : Having mood swings
  • Knacks : Unfunny jokes
  • Loco : Being very frank
  • Fiesta : Eating together on visitation days.

Notable Old Students


Oxfam Executive Director


Former Vice President


Inspector General of Government


Commissioner General Uganda Revenue Authority


UNEB Chairperson


Former Health Minister


Senior Paediatrician


State Minister for Public Service


First Female Ugandan Physician


Partner in Ligormac Advocates


Chief Operations Officer UMEME


CEO Quality Assurance & Management Consultants


Ret. High Court Judge


FDC Vice President Eastern Region


Chairman,Board of Directors,the Petroleum Authority of Uganda


Judge of High Court of Uganda