Academic hospitalist taking care of US military Veterans
School:    Namilyango College
Alumnus:    Class of 1996
Years @School:    1990-1996
Dormitory:    “Hanlon House of Lords”

Three Words (that summarize your years at school):

  • Great place for character building

Favourite subject in school & why?

  • Chemistry, because I excelled.

Which teacher was your greatest influence & why?

  • Deo Sebulimage, the deputy headmaster because he believed in me…

What is one thing that the school “taught” you?

  • Independence

What in your perspective is your school known for?

  • First post-primary school in the country

What are 5 routines/rituals/cultural aspects or that you remember from school and what did they mean?

  • Chaka Muchaka- Pseudo militarism

What did you think you’d end up doing in life back in school and where has life brought to so far in comparison?

  • I thought I would be a doctor

Nostalgia: “What Aspects Do You Miss about School?”

  • Innocence and Energy

What is a message of inspiration to anyone reading this profile?

  • You can achieve your dreams.

What is your current job/profession?

  • Academic hospitalist taking care of US military Veterans and teaching medical students and residents in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States of America.

What are you up to now in life?

  • I’ve got a family and still enjoy exercising, going to the gym and riding a bike. I am preparing for 56 mile bike ride in May and a 100 mile bike ride in September!


  • Lake Victoria Primary school, Entebbe


  • Namilyango college


  • Makerere University College of Health Sciences
  • Temple University, Philadelphia
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
  • House Captain Hanlon House (1992-93)
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Track and Field (And yes, I was a sprinter!)
  • Swimming

What are at least 5 slangs you remember from school and what did they mean?

  • Mbawo- cassava
  • Ndalu- sweet potatoes
  • Mupya- Newbee