Dr Ronnie Mich Egwang

School: Namilyango College
Year joined Institution: 1990
Year of Study Completion (Class of): Class of 1996
Class Completed i.e. P7/S4/S6: S6
Dormitory:    “Hanlon “House of Lords”
Nicknames:    “Gabon”

What is one thing that the school “taught” you?

  • Namilyango College gave me an innate sense of pride and help me to hold my head high wherever I went and whatever I did because I belonged to an institution that had a powerful heritage!

What in your perspective is your school known for?

  • Namilyango in a nutshell is known for all round excellence… I like to think of the school as the institution with the “Midas Touch”… Everything Ngo touches, turns to gold…

What was your OWN most impactful memory from school?

  • “Winning the elections for head prefect by a landslide, but being denied the position by school administration because they said I was “too popular”, so they made me 1st Assistant head boy in charge of prefects/discipline so I could “clash” with my peers... It taught me that not everything is gonna go your way in life… Even if you deserve it!

What did you think you’d end up doing in life back in school and where has life brought to so far in comparison?

  • I knew I’d end up being a doctor, but not a veterinary doctor in my wildest dreams! I actually thought at times that I’d be a gynecologist. Today my life is a mix of entrepreneurship, marketing, events, and public speaking. So let’s just say I ended up miles away from where I thought I’d be…

What is a message of inspiration to anyone reading this profile?

  • Life is full of opportunities and it is up to us to try as many things as possible, because you never know when an experience, a person, a language, a sport, or just a simple skill will come in handy in the future.

What is your current job/profession?

  • Veterinary Doctor/Public Speaker/Entrepreneur

What is your life motto/mantra?

  • “Life is like a mango on a tree…” Reach out and take a bite out of it… Don’t procrastinate and hope you’ll get another chance… You might leave it hanging it on the tree and someone might get to it before you do or worse it might drop onto the ground and the worms get it!

What are you up to now in life?

  • “I’ve always been someone who was into trying new things, meeting new people, travelling, and learning… Because of that life has taken me to various continents, thrown tough times and fun times at me… But ultimately I’m blessed every day because I’m living my dream as an entrepreneur following every business lead I can whether it’s successful or not I end up learning or earning!

Primary Schools Attended

  • Prince Philip Elementary School (Hamilton, Canada: 1980-1982)
  • Fairfax Elementary School (Cleveland, USA: 1982-1985)
  • Castro Elementary School (El Cerrito, USA: 1985-1986)
  • Kensington Hilltop School (San Francisco, USA: 1986-1987)

Secondary Schools Attended

  • Lycee D’Etat de Franceville (Franceville, Gabon: 1987-1989)
  • Namilyango College (Namilyango, Uganda: 1990-1996)

Tertiary Institutions Attended

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (MUK) (Kampala, Uganda: 1996-2001)

Roles/Responsibilities Held in School (and years)

  • Class Captain S1-S3 (1990-1992)
  • Mail Captain (1991-1992)
  • Hanlon House Captain (1992-1993)
  • School Council Chairman (1992-1993)
  • Deputy Head Prefect (1994-1995)

Clubs Membership/Sports Played

  • French Club Chairman                           1992-1993
  • Rugby Team                                              1991-1995
  • Young Christian Society (YCS)              1991-1992

Favourite subject in school & why?

  • Biology was the subject that I felt most attached to all throughout my years at Namilyango, because everything made sense and I loved the practical sessions since it gave us the perceptions of being medical practitioners in the making.

Favourite food in school & why?

  • Sweet potatoes and beans with odii (peanut butter) was and still is number one on my list! You need to taste it to understand how delicious it is!

Favourite story about interschool rivalry?

  • SMACK has always been our greatest Achilles heel when we went out for seminars… But during my S3 or S4, our greatest nightmare came to haunt us in our own backyard! It seems that day the “weevils’ had taken a mixture of “Popeye’s spinach and Vibranium”, because they came to Ngo for a “Sports Challenge Day” and whitewashed us in every SINGLE GAME! Including rugby, where we had been unbeaten for almost half a decade! It got so bad, that in the final football match of the day Ngo students, out of desperation started supporting weevils and cheering them on after every goal they scored! It was too hilarious!

What are 5 routines/rituals/cultural aspects or that you remember from school and what did they mean?

  • “After Seminar Dances”: Up until S2, after every single seminar it was a tradition for us to have a dance with visiting schools (or schools that we had visited) after seminars. So because of that a lot of the times we would be focusing on strategizing and optical nutrition than acquiring knowledge.
  • “Wednesday Afternoon Walks”: Up until around 1991, every Wednesday afternoon we were allowed to either go to Seeta or Mukono after lunch to give us a break from the school… We used to walk for an hour to eat “mpuuta fish” and sugarcane only to walk back for another hour and return to college hungry!
  • “Saturday Television Night”: During my six years at Ngo, we used to look forward to Saturday TV night where we would send S1s to collect a massive CRT (big buttocks TV) from the head teachers house like a kilometer away from the main hall and we would watch the latest martial arts/Kung-Fu movies. Our biggest stars back then were Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damne, and Billy Blanks!
  • “Mr. Ngo Dance Competitions”: Every year we held a dance competition where during 3 rounds the best dancers battle to win the title of “Mr. Ngo” (the coolest dancer in Namilyango). I remember some S4s convinced me to participate in S1, but forgot to remind me that you were supposed to practice and not just dance one single dance move!!

“What Aspects Do You Miss about School?”

  • “I miss the sense of freedom and innocence that we had back in school, because now each day is a struggle to make it ahead in life in terms of money, health, business, and your profession… I also miss the clubs and school trips that we were a part of… From being on the rugby team, French club, YCS, debate club to social with Namagunga, Nabisunsa, and Nabbingo… Every event meant leaving school, meeting new people, writing letters via speed delivery & post, and above all eating “special rice & peas” made by Adam
  • Memorable
  • Nostalgic
  • Formative

What are at least 5 slangs you remember from school and what did they mean?

  • Suicide: When you leave the school without a permission chit and have to keep diving into the bush every time you see a school vehicle in the distance approaching.
  • Castles:Using bedsheets to cover the sides of a double decker to create a shade for privacy on the lower bed which was reserved for senior students or prefects
  • Operations: When students would use “tools” like hammers and screw drivers to break into other people’s suitcases to access grub and cash
  • Privilege: Was an exclusive 15 minutes access to the dining hall strictly for S4/S6 candidates after the food bell has been rung…
  • Catalyst: Cooking oil that was fried with onions, curry powder, and spices from home and added to dining hall food to make it taste better!